Shipping Container House

My name is Marek Kuziel. This is my web log about one of my long-term projects: build of a shipping container house.

Read about the idea, all required prep-work, making of the house foundation, six months long endeavour of making of the house chassis, build of the timber roof structure, pouring of lots of concrete for floor slab, work on the house exterior, interior and things happening along the way.


Aug 21, 2016 - Migrated to

May 1, 2012 - Long story short: we moved in, although the house is not fully finished, yet.

Six months since the last update. Six months that were incredibly fast and intense.

I’ve done fair amount of daily updates and I was able to keep up for some time to post those on the blog.

I’ve then continued making notes in my calendar only. This update will start with those daily updates that I haven’t managed to post to the blog, yet.

Last time I posted anything to these updates was back in October 2011 when I posted about house flythrough video.

Most changes since then were on the roof and the floor. Read about sorting out of the roof material, getting the house chassis inspected, placing the roof, getting injured, finishing placement of the roof, moving onto floor, thermal breaks, floor insulation, underfloor heating pipes installation, brick laying, top screed floor slab placing, earthquakes, concrete grinding and more. It was pretty intense experience.

Having the roof and the floor done was the highest priority. We could not move in without having those two done. Once this was done I could move onto house exterior and work on insulation and rest of the work required for pre-cladding inspection.

Due to project’s logistics I cannot do much work on the interior just yet. However, I am doing some necessary prep-work on the chassis and lot of temporary work to keep things moving forward.

We have moved in at the end of January 2012. Everything is in temporary mode: laundry, bath, toilet, kitchen, bed rooms, living room, office. Everything is changing and moving forward. Ideas come, are evaluated, executed or forgotten. We have not finished building our house yet, but we have already started making our home.

Oct 7, 2011 - video update: house flythrough.

Sep 30, 2011 - started making short daily updates to track my progress that way. Added media coverage page.

Sep 18, 2011 - Big update: chassis finished, roof structure done and site slab poured, frames done and windows and doors installed.

Aug 27, 2011 - Quick update.

June 12, 2011 - Another update of work on the house chassis (painting, details, sealing, fence, money).

May 29, 2011 - Another update of work on the house chassis.

Apr 17, 2011 - Updated status of work on the house chassis.

Apr 09, 2011 - Updated the house web log. Added RSS feed. Updated progress on chassis.

Feb 09, 2011 - Added photos of containers sitting on the foundation.

Jan 23, 2011 - Added photo of the foundation filled with washed rounds.

Jan 09, 2011 - Added short notes and photos from foundation pouring. First major milestone achieved.

Jan 06, 2011 - Added video “Pouring Concrete”.

Jan 03, 2011 - Update on progress.

Dec 16, 2010 - Added information about our progress and a video with the first two 40ft-ers arriving.

Dec 04, 2010 - Added information about digging of foundation trenches with video; cropped all photos to make their size more consistent.

Dec 01, 2010 - Added photo collage of the section with 3D render of the house placed roughly (so it fits the framing on the photo, not on its real location on the site). Updated copy; only the latest revision of the page will be available here.

Nov 27, 2010 - Initial version of this page. Finally found a bit of spare time to get this page done. It took more than two years to get to this point.