Shipping Container House - Interior

Interior stage is the last, but certainly not least stage of the project.


Before I can really start work on the interior and guts of the house, I need to do some preparation work to achieve desired features and a lot of temporary work to keep things going.

Daily updates - November 2011

8th - rainy day. I decided to cut 14 pieces of plates for the guest room for beds and table and welded two of them on.

9th - While working on everything else I managed to get a new phone line connected and working today. Internet connection coming soon.

10th - Got onto guest bedroom welding and brackets. Firstly I welded on a dozen of steel plates for top and bottom beds and a floating table in the middle. Then I made four brackets for 60mm steel tubes that will make a core of a new bed.

11th - Finished off the core of the steel bed.

14th - Tried to get the Internet connection working. No luck.

15th - BIG DAY! First night in the house & the house is now connected to the Internet.As per update in the house foundation section, pegs went in on 21st November 2010 to mark future location of our house. I wanted to sleep in the new house within a year. I must say that the first night and two months coming afterwards were rough, but experience gained is priceless.

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