Dargaville to Pouto Point

Tour Aotearoa 2020 - Marek Kuziel - 26 February

I packed up and had breakfast in the holiday park’s kitchen. I left my gas cylinder here on the shelf where campers exchange their stuff for free. I had 500g gas cylinder so around 600g in total to carry around. It didn’t look like I am going to desperately need to use my stove on the tour. The stove and few other related things were not that much weight in total so it didn’t bother me to carry those around.

It was a nice and fresh morning. It’ll be a scorching hot day today again so starting up early would make sense, but I was way too slow this morning, because I knew I am not in hurry so I started pedalling at 8.23am.

It was only 70kms to Pouto Point firstly on sealed and then rought gravel roads.

I had no reason to stop anywhere on along the way so I arrived at Pouto Point around 2.30pm.

It was hot and dry day so I had couple of ice creams and cans of fizzy drinks from the campsite’s office/shop and since there was not much else to do I ate, drunk and relaxed.

At one point I attempted to pitch my tent up, but it was windy so I let it be and went to have a dip in the harbour instads.

The beach was beautiful.



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