After I finished prototype of Elektrosluch DIY, I started working on a 3D model of an enclosure for the prototype.

Firstly, I created a rough model based on which I then made scorpio-like looking model of the enclosure. I decided to call this version MK1 (Scorpio).

Six and something hours later I had it printed on my Wilson TS MK1 printer.

I added power switch and also potenciometer for volume control to the prototype and redone wiring for the inductors so I could install them to the new model.

I looked at the schematics for Elektrosluch 3 to see how the volume is done to make sure I won’t introduce an unnecessary bug.

I made a couple of mistakes during modelling phase, so I fixed those in the model and worked around them on the printed version.

After I assembled everything together, I found that there some sort of bug creating huge interference in the right channel. I rewired (shortened) every new wirethat I added to see if that fixes it. Didn’t. I decided to remove volume control, but that didn’t help either.

In the end I decided that I should give it a break and make a new model the following week on Wednesday when I’ll be at the OpenLab session at the FabLab.


1pc Power Switch 1pc 10kOhm Potenciometer for volume control 1pc Elektrosluch Scorpio MK1 3D printed enclosure


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