For whatever reason, the MK1 had some serious issue in the right channel, which wasn’t making me happy.

I could not use it properly. The issue sounded like a massive amount of interference was affecting the channel, probably because of how I put it all together.

Instead of trying to look for a bug and fix it, I decided to build a new version.

I go to FabLab’s Open Maker Lab every second Wednesday, where I work on my long term projects.

That was a good opportunity to get the new version done.

Firstly, I disassembled the MK1 so I could see how I put that version together and then I started making the new one.

When I was checking the IC pins on MK1, I realized that I found what the issue with the right channel is. I didn’t connect pin 5 of the IC to the ground. Hence the interference!

I connected the pin and voila, the MK1 was working flawlessly.

I demoed the MK1 to others and continued on the MK2 which I got done, apart from solding on the plug for the headphones.

Since MK1 was working, I decided to not rush with MK2, which I want to revise to make sure I can use its space better with a new enclosure.


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