I looked back at 2015. Which made me to look even further back in the past. Which made me to think about my spare time activities. Think hard.

In summary, I …

… have been to most of the TVIC dinners. I’ve also organized some. I’ve been attending reguarly since the TVIC inception back in 2005.

… have organized local Python meetups in Christchurch since the quakes. Given a Python related presentation a number of times, so we’d had a talk at our meetings, not sure a general chatter. I was also an event director of Kiwi PyCon 2015. Brought Kiwi PyCon “back home” since the very first conference in Christchurch back in 2009, which I also helped to organize and made video recordings of.

… called for an AGM of The Foundation hacker/maker space which resulted in becoming a new president of the incorporated society at the very same AGM. Organized a number of meetups. Worked on the website & community 3D printers.

… put up my hand when an email from kids’ school arrived asking who’d like to volunteer to run a Code Club at their school every week.

… got my arm twisted and became a councillor of New Zealand Open Source Society. I am trying to be helpful, if I can, ever since.

2015 in rough numbers

  • TVIC: 10 evenings
  • Python Meetups: 10 evenings + organising
  • Kiwi PyCon: two/three weeks of organising + the conference itself
  • The Foundation: 20 evenings/afternoons + organising
  • Code Club: 20 evenings + organising
  • NZOSS: 10 evenings

Honestly, I do enjoy all these things. They don’t burn me out. They don’t make be busy. They don’t stress me. They don’t tire me. They do provide a good balance to other parts of my life. Like family & business.


Together they do take a significant proportion of my spare time.

I ended up doing a bit too much than what I think I should be doing.

As a consequence, I also feel like I under-deliver across the board.

And I am also still working on our house, which also requires a significant time investment, too.

This has to end.

I decided to refocus.

New approach and goals

Regularity. Regularly do one of, instead of all of, my activities.

Organising. Give someone else a chance.

Delivery. Deliver first, leave when appropriate. Don’t burn bridges.

Do not ride a dead horse. Dismantle.

Importance. Focus on what really matters.

Action Plan

Attend TVIC on special occasions. Get off the organising group at meetup dot com.

Pass on organising of Python meetups to someone else. Attend Python meetups on special occasions. Attend Kiwi PyCon 2016 in Dunedin.

Dismantle The Foundation and focus on what matters: doing. FabLab might be opened to an idea to host similar meetups like Project Night on Wednesdays that we did at The Foundation.

Finish off the year as NZOSS councillor. Deliver work on the server side of NZOSS.

2016 in rough numbers

  • Personal projects: 12-24 evenings
  • Code Club: 10 evenings
  • NZOSS: 10 evenings
  • Python Meetups: 2-4 evenings + Kiwi PyCon 2016 in Dunedin
  • TVIC: 1-2 evenings

Let’s see, this time next year, how did it go.